Friday, 07 May, 2021

Google may soon bring an ‘important’ security feature for all users – Times of India

Tech giant Google is planning to make two-factor authentication automatic for the users soon, claims a report by PC World.
In a statement given to PC World, Mark Risher, director of product management for identity and user security at Google, said that the company will start “automatically enrolling users in 2SV [what Google calls 2FA] if their accounts are appropriately configured.” However, the report added that the software giant would give the users an opportunity to opt-out, too.
In a statement attributed to Risher, Google reportedly said: “More factors means stronger protection, but we need to ensure users don’t get accidentally locked out of their accounts. That’s why we’re starting with the users for whom it’ll be the least disruptive change and plan to expand from there based on results.”
Risher also said in the statement that passwords were “the single biggest threat to your online security” perhaps based on the fact that they could be stolen and are hard to remember which makes users reuse old passwords. This ups the risk of compromising several accounts if the passwords get into the wrong hands.
Right now, Google gives an option for you to secure your account with the two-factor authentication, which sends you an alert to confirm the login from a different device but it is still optional. 2-factor authentication is meant to add an extra layer of protection to your account. Whenever someone else tries to log in to your account, they would need the security code sent to your phone.

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