Wednesday, 20 January, 2021

Apple iPhone 12 series may have this secret ‘hidden’ feature – Times of India

NEW DELHI: One feature which was supposed to come with iPhone 11 last year was the reverse charging facility. However, Apple removed the feature from the final version of the devices. Now, the FCC filings reveal that the new iPhone 12 lineup might have the reverse charging capability.
In 2019, iFixt disassembled the iPhone 11 lineup and discovered that the iPhone 11 Pro had some components which were related to bilateral wireless charging system, but that was unfinished. This revealed that Apple tried to incorporate the technology in last year’s iPhone. However, there were no rumours about the inclusion of reverse wireless charging on the new iPhone 12. But the new FCC filing reveals that the new iPhone lineup might have this technology.
As spotted by Jeremy Horwtiz, the FCC documentation for the iPhone 12 models reveal that the new smartphones might have the capability of bilateral charging systems. According to FCC the iPhone 12 works with regular Qi chargers and has a hidden reverse charging feature which can be used to charge other devices.
On the other hand, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reveals that Apple didn’t mention anything about this feature at the time of the iPhone launch as it is disabled right now on the iPhone 12 lineup.
He further added that Apple might be holding on to this feature through MagSafe for the rumored AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro 2. It is possible that Apple might launch the new AirPods which will work only with iPhone 12’s new MagSafe system.

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